Alice in Bethlehem

June 22, 2024
Bethlehem Rose Garden

Ensemble Member Matt Prideaux and the Touchstone/Moravian MFA class of 2024 present a light-hearted, immersive, theatrical, merry adventure into Wonderland!

All the citizens of Wonderland have heard tales of the beautiful city of Bethlehem, and that it just might be the best city in all of the world. So, they have decided to open up a portal to their world, right here in the Bethlehem Rose Garden, and invite folks from our town in to learn about Wonderland and teach them about our great city. These guests will take on the role of the Audience of Listening, Interacting, and Creating Explorers, or A.L.I.C.E.s, and be led on a guided tour through Wonderland. However, right when the tour is about to commence, we learn some dastardly news – someone has stolen the Queen’s tarts! So, now, our A.L.I.C.E.s are tasked with tracking down the perpetrator of this wicked deed and bringing forth evidence to present to the royal court. Will they be able to solve this crime, or will it be off with everyone’s heads?


  • The performance takes place at the Bethlehem Rose Garden at W Union Blvd &, 725 8th Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18018
  • There is a parking lot available at Truist Bank, as well as across the street at Nitschmann Middle School. Additionally there is free street parking all around the Rose Garden and throughout the nearby streets.
  • Wear sturdy shoes! Most of the path will be paved, but there are sections where we will be walking through grassy parts of the park.
  • Sunscreen highly recommended, bug repellant optional.
  • Flower crowns, royal gowns, red and black checkered robes, and other Wonderlandy garb are optional but welcome. However – please leave your weapons at home! We promise not to let the Bandersnatch get you 😉
  • Bathrooms available on site.

[Image description: The words “Alice in Bethlehem” in alternating red and black letters against a faded, warping, checkerboard background. Amongst all the letters are images that evoke Alice in Wonderland – a mushroom, the Mad Hatter’s hat, a tea kettle, a bottle labeled “Drink Me”, a crown, a cupcake, some flowers, etc.]