Land of the Lockdown, Home of the Active Shooter (Fresh Voices)

Written by: Amber Charest and Jenny Pacanowski

June 1, 2024 @ 7:30pm
June 2, 2024 @ 2pm
Touchstone Theatre

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Will, suggested $10


MFA students Amber Charest and Jenny Pacanowski explore how their identities as an Educator and Military Combat Veteran, respectively, influence their artistic creations. In this original piece, they invite you into a world of what it’s like to be a student in America today. This immersive classroom experience explores how military indoctrination influences best practices for classroom management, how active shooter drills have become the norm, and what this is potentially teaching the next generation. Are we herding sheep and nurturing a pack of wolves?


CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains elements that may be triggering for some people:
Depiction of Active Shooter Lockdown Drills
Startling sounds
Depictions of violence
References to war and military reintegration
Some profane language

If you think you might need to leave the theatre, please sit near the entrance. If you do exit, please use caution in the dim lighting.
Moravian counseling services are available:
(610) 861-1510 or

RUN TIME: 45 minutes, with no intermission.

PARKING/TRANSPORTATION: There is a small parking lot directly behind Touchstone Theatre that will be available for you to park in. If that is full, there is nearby street or lot parking (here is a link to Bethlehem parking options). Recommended options include: 1) Mechanic Street Parking Lot between Webster & Taylor Streets and Mechanic Street and the Greenway 3 min walk or 2) the Polk St. Garage (400 Block E. 3rd St.) 3 min walk. Additionally, there is a bike rack next to our theatre in Parham Park. We are adjacent to the South Bethlehem Greenway bike path/pedestrian trail, as well as five LANTA routes GREEN, BLUE, 103, 105, and 605.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: Accessible restrooms are available inside Touchstone Theatre. Accessible seating is available; please contact Touchstone Theatre via phone at (610) 867-1689 or via email at to reserve accessible seating in advance or inquire about accessible parking.

A NOTE ABOUT SENSITIVE MATERIAL IN THEATRE: Theatre, along with art forms such as literature, music and visual art, often contains sensitive subject matter. In all of these artistic forms, “problematic” perspectives and/or situations are sometimes represented in an effort to explore particular themes and ideas. Sometimes, they are intentionally provocative. The presentation of a perspective in art is not the same as an endorsement of that perspective. In fact, often the perspective of the artist(s) is the opposite. Audiences of all of these art forms typically develop sophistication over time and are able to discern the difference. A photograph of a child during an active shooter lockdown drill, for example, is unlikely to be an endorsement of gun violence. Rather, it is likely intended to call attention to the problem of gun violence in schools. The artists involved in the production are squarely on the side of justice, morality and ethical behavior.