Out of the Cave (MFA Thesis)

Written by: Tyler Garrett

April 11 & 12, 2024 @ 8pm
Touchstone Theatre

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Will, suggested $10


Out of the Cave is a 40 minute one-act play that reimagines Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”. It follows an isolated society of people from a small town who hid away underground during the Cold War. They remain chained up by their ideology until one Boy finds a hint about the outside world. He sets off on a journey to discover the truth, heading down a path that might force him into exile.

After the play, there will be a 30 minute dialogue between the creator, Touchstone MFA candidate Tyler Garrett, and an expert on ideology and indoctrination. Together they will explore questions such as “How do we experience indoctrination in our world?” and “What are some of the effects of social cohesion and ideological indoctrination?”.

Created by Touchstone Theatre/Moravian University MFA student Tyler Garrett

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CONTENT WARNING: Flashing lights will be used throughout the performance.

RUN TIME: 70 minutes: a 40 minute performance, followed by a 30 minute conversation.

POST-PERFORMANCE: After the performance there will be a 30 minute dialogue between the creator and an expert on ideology and indoctrination.

PARKING/TRANSPORTATION: There is a small parking lot directly behind Touchstone Theatre that will be available for you to park in. If that is full, there is nearby street or lot parking (here is a link to Bethlehem parking options). Recommended options include: 1) Mechanic Street Parking Lot between Webster & Taylor Streets and Mechanic Street and the Greenway 3 min walk or 2) the Polk St. Garage (400 Block E. 3rd St.) 3 min walk. Additionally, there is a bike rack next to our theatre in Parham Park. We are adjacent to the South Bethlehem Greenway bike path/pedestrian trail, as well as five LANTA routes GREEN, BLUE, 103, 105, and 605.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: Accessible restrooms are available inside Touchstone Theatre. Accessible seating is available; please contact Touchstone Theatre via phone at (610) 867-1689 or via email at touchstone@touchstone.org to reserve accessible seating in advance or inquire about accessible parking.

[Image description: A circle of white shoots out lines from the middles to the edges of the image. In the spaces between these lines are (from left to right in a semi circle going above the middle): a young man with a beard and short hair, an older man with a white beard, a woman with a large smile and dark hair, a woman with glasses and shoulder-length hair, and a young man with long hair. All the characters look towards the middle with stern expressions, except for the woman at top, who wears a large, happy smile.]