Hidden Bethlehem

Pop-up events that shine a spotlight on the unseen and unknown places and people in Bethlehem that deserve to be appreciated by all.

What is Hidden Bethlehem?

A chance for anyone in our community to shine a spotlight on the places and people in Bethlehem that they believe deserve to be seen and appreciated. There is a lot in Bethlehem that people love and frequent, but there are some truly wonderful places and people that not enough folks know about – we want to celebrate them!

Upcoming Hidden Bethlehem Events

We ve received your submissions, gathered up some of our favorites, and now want to share them with the world! Come check out some of our Hidden Bethlehem pop-up events and experience a side of this wonderful city you might not have known about before.

  • Join the enchanting Sara Group as she takes you on a brief audio tour through her memories of living in Bethlehem. (We recommend listening to Sara reminisce about her favorite hidden gems from your own personal favorite Hidden Bethlehem location.)


[Image description: Close up on a stone face. It has been carved out of a big block, with eyes made from a blue mosaic of glass. The face has been painted with colorful colors. In front of it, and filling the mouth are tall blades of grass.]