Alexander Khimushin’s The World In Faces

FRIDAY, SEPT 29 @ 4PM - A gallery exhibition celebrating diverse cultures of the world through the portraits of Indigenous Peoples.

Friday, Sept 29 - 4-7pm
Venture X - 1st & 2nd Floors
Additional gallery hours: Saturday, Sept 30 - 12-2pm & 5-7pm

This event is FREE to attend.

Presented in partnership with Venture X Bethlehem and Heavenly Host Events

Join us at Venture X for Alexander Khimushin s The World In Faces gallery opening reception! This exhibition honors Indigenous Peoples rights to their cultures, identities and traditions, and their right to self-determination by determining their own policies and strategies with respect to their cultural heritage and traditional systems. Alexander s portrait exhibit has been featured at the United Nations in Geneva, UNESCO Paris, and the Council Of Europe in Strasbourg.

Additionally, the gallery will be open for public viewing on Saturday, Sept 30 from 12-2pm and 5-7pm.

Click here for more info about the exhibit.


VENUE: Venture X Bethlehem 306 S New St, Bethlehem, PA 18015

RUN TIME: 3 hours (arrive when you can, stay as long as you like!)

PARKING: There is nearby street or lot parking (here s a link to Bethlehem parking options). We recommend the South New St. Garage (324 S. New Street), which is right next door.

FOOD & DRINK: Food and drinks will be provided for the reception.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: The exhibit will be located on the first and second floor, there is an elevator to travel between the two. Touchstone strives to create an environment where all members of our community, of all abilities, feel welcome. Please contact (610) 867-1689 or via email at to request accessibility accommodations in advance.

[Image description: A collage of many faces. Each from a different background, culture, ethnicity, race, gender, age. They all wear outfits that showcase who they are and where they are from. They are proud of their culture and heritage, and want to share it with us. Above all of them are the words “ONE PEOPLE. ONE WOLRD. ONE LOVE.” and below them are the words “THE WORLD IN FACES Photo project by Alexander Khimushin”.]