Jason E.R. Hedrington

Ensemble Affiliate

Jason E.R. Hedrington has done a couple-few things since his navy base birth in Norfolk, VA, and the subsequent 24 formative years in Wisconsin where he captained his hockey team, started his theater career as “Gang Member #2” in an elementary school presentation of Encyclopedia Brown, lettered in high school Music (garnering the nickname “Jammin’ Jason”), and earned an English degree & teaching certification whilst serving as Editor of the college arts magazine and studying Jazz at UWEC. So naturally upon moving to Bethlehem he became a vegetarian restaurant owner and began a 25 year odyssey in original Art–a journey that has garnered multiple Lehigh Valley Music Award nominations for Best Radio DJ, Music Educator, Keyboardist, and Pianist with victories in such categories as Live Act, Jam Band, and Band of the Year. His Touchstone saga began as Musical Director for Don Quixote, continued as an apprentice, and has since seen sporadic bouts of musically directing, teching, playing piano, Moog & accordion, and/or acting in The Young Playwrights Festival, The Talisman, Festival Unbound, The Odyssey, Jakopa’s Punch Bowl, Journey From the East, Dictators For Dummies, Edith Piaf: Hymn to Love, and several Christmas City Follies. He’s also a music teacher and director at the Lehigh Valley School of Rock, and in March 2024 his Touchstone collaboration original musical will be presented. Check out his shenanigans at www.HeadEye.org