HeadEye: The Musical

Written by: Jason Hedrington, Jp Jordan, and Christopher Shorr

February 29 - March 10, 2024
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm

Adult - $25
Seniors & Students - $15
Thursdays - Pay-What-You-Will tickets are available at the door. Regularly priced tickets may still be purchased in advance to guarantee seats.


The friendly alien race known as the HeadEye first graced us with their presence during this year’s Festival UnBound. Little did we know that there was another HeadEye out there among us: watching, learning, yearning to understand. He is now ready to share his story in a spectacular musical extravaganza!

This mind-bending operatic mission through intergalactic space follows the misadventures of Tralfamadorian space ace, HeadEye, and his intrepid interplanetary crew. Join them on this raunchy romp through the cosmos as they face daring exploits, dastardly villains, dramatic thrills, and perhaps the most terrifying thing of all – love. Bringing to life the music of Jason E.R. Hedrington, HeadEye will take you to the furthest reaches of the universe (and your imagination!) as our heroes explore not only the galaxy, but also what it means to be alive.


CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains sexual content and explicit references to drug use, and may not be suitable for children. Flashing lights and fog/smoke effects will also be used throughout.

RUN TIME: 90 minutes

PRE-PERFORMANCE: Join us before the show and enjoy a refreshing signature out-of-this-world mocktail (with alcoholic beverages served on Friday and Saturday nights)! Let your inner alien shine through as you play our cosmic theremin. And, most importantly get your body and mind prepared to journey higher than they’ve ever gone before.

POST-PERFORMANCE: On Friday March 8th, there will be a brief talkback with the performers and creators immediately following the performance in the Touchstone cafe.

[Image description: Way out in outer space a giant eyeball looms. It is alien, with blue skin, two antennae, and a bright purple iris. Surrounding the eye are multiple planets in orbit around it. We can see the lines of their trajectories spreading out from the eyeball. Above the eye is the word “HeadEye” and underneath it “The Musical”. All of this is done in a style and with a color pallet reminiscent¬†of 60s/70s rock and roll album covers.]