Mission, Vision, and Values


Founded in 1981, Touchstone Theatre is a professional, not-for-profit theatre dedicated to the creation of original work. At its center is a resident ensemble of theatre artists rooted in the local community of Bethlehem, the Greater Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and the international community of Ensemble Theatres.

The Ensemble:

  1. Creates original theatre and re-imagines select texts through a heightened theatrical vocabulary.
  2. Tours and presents original and ensemble-created works.
  3. Offers educational programs that:
    – Inspire students of any age to discover their unique creative voice.
    – Provide high quality training to the next generation of theatre artists.
  1. Transforms audiences through community-based theatrical productions and community-building projects.



We strive toward a community of civic engagement through artistic expression. We seek to create art that celebrates and uplifts, as well as confronts and challenges.


CREATION – We value the act of visioning the future, through art, together. We believe in creating art that celebrates, provokes, challenges, and above all, transforms, with kindness, industry, and integrity.

YES, AND… – We believe in the act of listening, asking questions, and having difficult conversations. We believe in challenging ourselves to find new paths forward.

COMMUNITY – We value the place and people that make up our home of Bethlehem, PA. We value our extended artistic family around the world who teach and inspire us. We believe in the power of active engagement with our community through art.

EDUCATION – We embrace the enriching power of arts education to unleash the creative spirits that reside within everyone, regardless of age, background, or career path. We are committed to fostering the next generation of artists.

PEOPLE – We value basic human dignity and the right of all voices to be heard. We reject racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and all forms of hatred. We welcome differences and multitudes.

ABUNDANCE – We reject the scarcity mentality that suggests there is only so much room and capital for creative ideas and community-minded work. We embrace collaborations with like-minded artists and organizations and stewardship/support of new organizations.