The 19th Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival

Directed by: Touchstone Ensemble & Special Guests

Written by: Local Student Playwrights

Performed by: Touchstone Ensemble & Special Guests

Sunday, May 19, 2024 @ 3pm
Northeast Middle School Theatre

1170 Fernwood St, Bethlehem, PA 18018
Box Office opens at 2:00pm - Taquilla abre a las 2:00pm
Doors open at 2:30pm - Las puertas se abren a las 2:30pm
Performance begins at 3:00pm - El programa comienza a las 3:00pm

Tickets: $15
Entradas: $15


Child created, professionally elevated.

Young Playwrights’ Lab programming brings the magic of performance into the classroom by guiding students through the process of writing their own original one-act plays. Each year, a group of exceptional plays is chosen to be produced at the Young Playwrights’ Festival. Selected plays are lovingly designed and directed by one of our ensemble members, and performed onstage by community and professional actors. There’s nothing like it in the Lehigh Valley!

Creado por niños, profesionalmente elevado.

La programación del Laboratorio de Jóvenes Dramaturgos lleva la magia del teatro al salón de clase, guiando a los estudiantes a través del proceso de escribir sus propias obras originales de un acto. Cada año, un grupo de obras excepcionales es elegido para ser producido en el Festival de Jóvenes Dramaturgos. Las obras seleccionadas son cuidadosamente diseñadas y dirigidas por uno de los miembros de nuestro elenco, e interpretadas en el escenario por actores profesionales y de la comunidad. ¡No hay nada igual en el Lehigh Valley!

The 19th Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival is generously sponsored by

What Is Young Playwrights’ Lab?

Nineteen years ago, Touchstone created the Young Playwrights’ Lab as a way to bring the magic of performance into the classroom. Focused on improving attitudes towards literacy and boosting self-esteem and creative expression, our program guides the students through the process of writing their own original one act plays. Using a combination of improvisations, theater games, and writing exercises, our teaching artists provide the tools our students need to flourish and grow into full fledged playwrights. Each year, we select the most exceptional plays to be produced at our annual Young Playwrights’ Festival. Come join us, and celebrate as our professional artists bring the students’ beautifully imagined worlds and delightfully creative characters to life!

25 Words For $25

Celebrate the creativity and talent of our 2024 young playwrights! For just $25, you can write a heartfelt 25-word tribute to the playwrights, actors, and anyone participating in this year’s 19th Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival on May 19. Not only will your gift directly support Touchstone’s Young Playwrights’ Lab programming, but your words will be featured in the Festival’s printed program, to the delight of our aspiring playwrights and community artists!

Click here to go to the donation page. Be sure to choose “Young Playwrights’ Festival” from the campaign drop-down menu. Type your tribute (25 words or less) in the “Note” box.


VENUE: Northeast Middle School is located at 1170 Fernwood Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018

RUN TIME: 90 minutes.

PARKING/TRANSPORTATION: There are two entrances into the parking lot via Minsi Trail and Fernwood streets, see below for more specifics directions. In addition to the ample parking lot, there is also street parking available surrounding the school on Minsi Trail Street, Fernwood Street, and Washington Ave. For those not driving, there are bike racks outside the theater entrance and LANTA has several bus lines that service this area, including lines 102, 108, and 312.

    1. Turn into the entrance off of Minsi Trail Street. There is a sign for Northeast Middle School at the entrance, which also indicates the direction of the auditorium.
    2. Follow the signs to the auditorium then park and walk to the entrance.
    3. Look for a sandwich board and balloons at the entrance of the Northeast Middle School Theatre

  • FERNWOOD STREET (starts as or turns into LINWOOD STREET depending on which direction you come from)
    1. Turn into the entrance off of Fernwood Street.
    2. The auditorium is on the right and the parking lot is ahead.
    3. Look for a sandwich board and balloons at the entrance of the Northeast Middle School Theatre.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: Accessible seating and restrooms are available. Parking is available in designated handicap spots next to the venue. Touchstone strives to create an environment where all members of our community, of all abilities, feel welcome. Please contact (610) 867-1689 or via email at to request accessibility accommodations in advance.

[Image description: A graphic of two photos stacked on top of the other. The top photo shows a group of elementary-age students putting their hands into the middle of a circle, motion-blurred and smiling. The bottom photo shows a group of actors in colorful costumes, adopting a similar pose. In between, the words “Young Playwrights’ Festival” in white against a blue background.]