The 19th Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival

Directed by: Touchstone Ensemble & Special Guests

Written by: Local Student Playwrights

Performed by: Touchstone Ensemble & Special Guests

May 2024


Five plays. Five directors. Five casts. Each designed, produced, and performed by Touchstone’s finest for one night only. Oh, and did we mention that the plays were all written by elementary and middle school students?

Join us for the most magical night of theatre in the Lehigh Valley!

What Is Young Playwrights’ Lab?

Nineteen years ago, Touchstone created the Young Playwrights’ Lab as a way to bring the magic of performance into the classroom. Focused on improving attitudes towards literacy and boosting self-esteem and creative expression, our program guides the students through the process of writing their own original one act plays. Using a combination of improvisations, theater games, and writing exercises, our teaching artists provide the tools our students need to flourish and grow into full fledged playwrights. Each year, we select the most exceptional plays to be produced at our annual Young Playwrights’ Festival. Come join us, and celebrate as our professional artists bring the students’ beautifully imagined worlds and delightfully creative characters to life!

[Image description: A graphic of two photos stacked on top of the other. The top photo shows a group of elementary-age students putting their hands into the middle of a circle, motion-blurred and smiling. The bottom photo shows a group of actors in colorful costumes, adopting a similar pose. In between, the words “Young Playwrights’ Festival” in white against a blue background.]