Three young people dressed as fanciful creatures - two brightly-colored fairies with wing-like drapes on their arms, and a character wearing red overalls and a donkey head - pose on a stone structure in the woods.

The Apprenticeship Model

Our master’s degree program is designed to provide the most efficient and practical approach to earning an MFA in Performance Creation, and also to be as affordable as possible. In order to achieve these goals, we offer an accelerated 21-month curriculum, centered around an apprenticeship model. All of our courses offer actual real-world experience. Everything you learn, you apply in practice.

All classes take place within Touchstone, providing mentorship opportunities with our full time theatre-makers in whose creative processes students participate. In this model, participants actively learn from their mentors’ process and approach, while developing and honing their own.

A bearded man kneels beside an elementary-age girl at her school desk in a classroom while they both look at her computer, with the man pointing at something on the screen.Several elementary-age students make exaggerated gestures while standing beside or laying on a brightly-colored rug in a school classroom, apparently playing a game. A young man with brown hair and a beard smiles and talks to a student who has her arms out to her sides.A young woman leans over an elementary-age boy wearing glasses and a pink crown as he points to show her something on his laptop screen. Behind them, another student in the classroom sits on a brightly-colored rug while working on another laptop.A dark-skinned young woman with curly hair, wearing a silver crown and light-colored, flowing clothes, stands on a footpath with a stone bridge and woods in the background, her eyes closed as she begins to raise her arms. Close behind her a light-skinned young woman gestures as if invoking magic to control the crowned woman.Two light-skinned young adults make melodramatic gestures while bathed in red light: A woman stares upwards and stretches her arms out, while the man slumps down, closes his eyes, and appears to groan while clutching her body to him.A dark-skinned young woman with an afro and a red dress holds an empty picture frame in front of her, framing her face.

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