Artist in Residence – Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble invites you, the community, to help them create their new show!

Daily throughout the festival

Join Strike Anywhere in conversation as they collect stories, anecdotes, and histories of the Lehigh Valley in preparation for their upcoming performance: POP UP: An Artistic Adventure.

You can join in on the story-gathering experience at the following times and locations:

Thursday 9/28

Friday 9/29

Saturday 9/30

For up to the minute information, check Strike Anywhere s Instagram @StrikeAnywhere.NYC

About Strike Anywhere

Established in 1997, the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble is a permanent collective of jazz musicians, modern dancers, and actors. Performers collaborate through an ensemble-based process to create politically-charged, original works. Strike Anywhere s mission is to inspire empathy, creativity, and social awareness through provocative performance and innovative education. Its work is guided by the words of Bertolt Brecht, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” SA performances always feature live music, physical theater and modern dance. The company applies structures and concepts from American jazz to their interdisciplinary improvisations to create performances that are engaging and alive. Strike Anywhere is the preeminent theatre company in the United States practicing Soundpainting, a universal sign-language developed by composer Walter Thompson for live composition with improvisers.

[Image description: The words “Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble” are written around a circle. Within the circle are two images. On the left, a person dressed in all white, with a white mask covering their face, bathed in blue light. On the right a man in a doctors outfit stares at a mask he holds in his hand, bathed in green and yellow light. Between the two images are a stylized and intertwined “a” and “s”.]